The Jobs page provides a Rochester-centric source of information for job seekers and companies looking for employees (or contractors).

People always need jobs. Sometimes ads in newspapers and websites don't cut it. If you know of a specific place hiring and can leave a detailed description of it (job description, location, pay, etc), add it here.

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Internet Sources of Job Postings in the Rochester Region

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Non-Traditional Sources

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2005-07-05 16:31:01   I like the idea of a 'jobs' page, but I think directing people to craigslist, D&C, Etc would be better, so we are not eternally updating this page. Just my $0.02 —FarMcKon

2006-11-20 13:08:55   Please check out our postings at [WWW] and complete an online application. Positions change constantly, all positions may not be accurate, some may be older and some may not be posted yet. Please check back frequently for new openings! —DaniellePowers

2009-04-02 18:05:24   Hi, please check this site [WWW] more than 100,000 jobs are matched to different zips. —Jobirn

2009-08-19 10:57:35   The [WWW]Business Journal on [WWW]September 8, 2008 Hottest Job Markets listed Rochester 86th of the 100 major job markets, almost making the "Worst 10" and positioned below Buffalo, which came in 77th. —BradMandell