Red Fedele's Brook House

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920 Elm Ridge Center Drive, Rochester, NY [Directions] in the Elm Ridge Center in Greece
Hours (as of April 2010 per Website)
Lunch: Monday-Friday: 11:00AM to 2:00PM
Dinner: Monday-Thursday: 4:00PM to 9:00PM
Friday/ Saturday: 4:00PM to 10:00PM
Sunday: 3:00PM to 8:00PM
585 723-9988

Red Fedele's Brook House is a restaurant specializing in Italian food.

Info from [WWW]Cityguide:

"Restaurant is open 7 days a week. Although our menu is predominantly Italian cuisine (various pastas, veal, chicken and shrimp dishes), we also feature a variety of American items such as steaks and seafood. You will note that our menu strategy is to provide a full-course meal at one price, which includes homemade soup, salad and choice of potato or pasta with each entree. On the weekends you can look forward to super specials for both Italian and American items.

We thank you for your patronage and assure you that my staff and I will work very hard to insure that your visit to the Brook House Restaurant is a pleasant and memorable one."

Pricing Examples:

Rigatoni Asiago ($15)
Broiled Seafood Platter ($17)
Spumoni ($3.50)


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2007-09-06 15:47:43   We had my wife's Wedding Shower there...very impressive! Food was amazing and Red personally greeted me when I came in. ///2007-10-18 20:42:42   Went back here tonight for our 4th Wedding Anniversary dinner...I had Baked Ziti w/ Meat Sauce—wife had Gnocchi...fantastic! —PeteB

2007-11-09 23:46:09   My family has always gone here on special occasions (ie birthdays and anniversaries, etc) and the food is always excellent. I almost always get the same dish though, because it is absolutely delicious. My family, who likes to vary their meals more than I, always has a spectacular meal. —JoannaLicata

2008-02-17 20:37:03   Food is always great, staff is usually friendly, can often take an unusually long time for food to arrive. I waited at the bar tonight for almost an hour waiting for a takeout order. Ridiculous. —WestSideB

2008-09-08 11:47:20   I had lunch here with my colleagues from work, about two weeks ago. The menu prices were reasonable and the food was excellent. Our table server also provided attentive service. This helped overcome my initial impression of the restaurant—walking up to the front desk and being completely ignored by the hostess—not greeted, not one word, not even eye contact—just completely ignored me until one of my colleagues came in. —BarryH —BarryHamilton

2008-12-11 18:37:55   I went here a few years ago for our anniversary and was impressed by the tasty food. We've been meaning to go back for a while now but dread venturing into Greece. When we went, Red was out front greeting customers and I was amazed by his ability to remember approximately 75% of patron's names who walked in the door. He seemed to play favorites, though, and sat several people who arrived after us before he sat us (and it was obvious these other parties didn't have reservations). Oh well, though.. The food made up for it. —BatGuano

2009-12-20 11:40:19   my wife and i went to the brookhouse on friday dec 18th 2009. When arriving, the usual crowd for a friday. My wife gave our names at the desk ,she was told about an hour wait, long wait but the food is worth it. So we waited watching alot of people come in and leave. The room turned over twice, the hour went buy ,so i went to the desk and asked the lady taking names how much longer .(with an oh crap look)turns to me with a smile and said we estimated the time wrong its going to be longer,so i asked how long another hour , no at least 1/2 . so i turned and started to walk away ,the other lady snickered at me . i turned to her and said what did you say , very snappy said we will seat you as fast as we can. I noticed several people come in and not even wait 20 min. they where seated . maybe the brookhouse don't want to have couples come in they make more money off of friends and large groups then your average bill. Unless you know the family Don't go cause they won't care about you —AverageBill

2010-06-02 13:18:00   I drive out here from Fairport, it's that good. I am Italian and not a bad cook myself, so my standards are high. Hands down excellent home-style Italian food. I have never, ever had a bad meal here. I love the linguini with clam sauce-both red and white, the greens and beans, mac and broccoli, chicken french and my all-time favorite calamari capri. With that said, I do agree with some comments about the service. Red has some teenagers working here that may not be savvy or experienced in customer service. It behooves us to inform Red of these incidents, I am sure he'd want to hear about it so he can correct their behavior. Snickering waitresses and snippy remarks would infuriate me. —LisaRuns

2011-01-02 17:40:10   We had dinner here on the 30th. Restaurant is very nice. Food mediocre, service fair. If this is the best in Italian food in Rochester, guess I will eat something else. Server brought a basket with some cold sliced bread (kind of like Italian Wonder bread). We ordered the Calamari Capri appetizer. The calamari itself was good, but they covered it with a lot of sliced pickled peppers and most of the calamari was submerged in some kind of very vinegary broth which made the squid soggy.

My wife ordered the broiled seafood platter, 4 small clams, 4 small scallops (dime sized), 2 medium shrimp and a small piece of haddock. Server brought it to the table and left, called him back and asked if it came with something else like pasta or potato. His answer was that he forgot. Another 5 minutes before he came back with some pasta and sauce.

I had the Calamari Fra Diavolo, a large plate of spaghetti with a few pieces of squid on top. Very watery sauce.

Overall a very disappointing experience. —Ricardo

2011-05-24 11:33:55   Was there for dinner on 5-22-11— VERY disappointing. Noisy dining room, not much food for a very expensive price. Our party of 3 left feeling quite hungry— ordered Chicken French, and Monteray Chicken. Pasta was hard and sauce looked like catsup- Salad small and sparce, soup even smaller portion-Now, I am Italian, grew up with wonderful cooks in my family—not sure how they stay in business. I won't be going back there. —PamelaMills

2015-03-21 22:34:14   We would eat at The Brook House several times a year, until tonight. We called for reservations and the hostess said they put names on a call ahead list and advised us to just come right on in - there would be a short wait. Upon checking in, we were told it would be a few minutes. We waited almost an hour while friends of the owner (table of four) were seated before us even though they arrived 1/2 hour after us. There was a party of three before us too and they also noticed what happened with the owner's friends. The party of three and our family (also three) tried to express our frustration about people arriving after us being seated before us, but the hostess couldn't care less. When we finally were seated and got our meals, the food was good, not stellar and WAY WAY overpriced. I cannot believe what they charged me to get a ladle of alfredo sauce on my pasta instead of marinara - $9.00!!! I ordered Chicken French which came with penne pasta and marinara for $19.00. I ask if they could put alfredo on the penne instead, waitress says yes and charges us $9.00 more....what a rip off!!! Are you joking me? $9.00 for a small ladle of alfredo on a side of pasta??? We had 1 small appetizer, 3 meals, 1 beer and soda. Our bill came to $82.00. The service was mediocre at best. As we were leaving, the owner thanked and said goodbye to people he knew (called them by name) and we were right behind them. The owner didn't acknowledge or thank us. Just them and turned away. Never again. Don't waste your time or money here because there are much better Italian restaurants in Rochester. —PennyA