Roam Cafe

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roam2.jpgRoam Cafe on Park Ave, 10-2010

260 Park Avenue, Rochester NY, 14607 [Directions]
Hours (as of January 2016)
Monday - Saturday: 11:30AM to 11:00PM (Bar until midnight)
Sunday: 11:00AM to 10:00PM (bar until midnight)
585 360 4165
Wheelchair Accessible

Roam Cafe is a cafe, coffee shop and bar on Park Avenue. They also serve pizzas everyday and various lunch items depending on ingredients in house.

According to a City Newspaper interview, closing time is whenever "people stop coming."

The lefthand portion of their space used to be Motor Sports of Western NY but this part of the business has since closed.


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2009-07-12 13:55:41   A simply lovely place to just chill out. A great selection of hot/cold coffee/chai/chocolate drinks (some you probably have never heard of), gelato and other delicious desserts. They serve a limited selection of food at lunch time. The owner was extremely friendly. I loved the laid back (but yet non poser) vibe. I will definitely be back. —OneLove

2010-05-22 20:45:24   It's good ice cream but too sugary to be gelato. Nice place, though. —ThomasPawlik

2011-06-17 18:57:31   not very fond of the old man womanizing crowd here. coffee is ok but nothing that makes me want to come back for more. —sammieG

2012-04-05 20:34:02   I've grown up in Rochester and have eaten almost everywhere around downtown, this place is not worth anything! Got the Groupon here and the place is definitely really cute inside and looks like it has a great bar, so maybe check it out for a nice place for a drink, but the food is beyond mediocre. Got a chicken sandwich with "avocado" it was literally 2 extremely thin and short slices of avocado on a huge chicken breast; it looked like a joke. My friend got a $10 burger that he only got 2 choices of toppings, not including lettuce cheese or tomato you those were some of your options, which is just cheap as hell. He chose avocado and onion and it was the same for him! Two jokes of slices of avocado and a minuscule amount of onion. He got loaded fries for $6 with cheddar and bacon and on a huge mound of fries was the smallest amount of cheese and bacon possible. The wrapped fresh mozzarella was disgusting and they don't even give you a good marinara sauce for dipping. Literally just one of the worst dining experiences I've had in Rochester in years. —catwhisperer

2012-04-07 12:39:31   Do they still share space with the motorcycle dealership? Man, the one time I stopped there for a (lousy) espresso, the overpowering smell of tires completely ruined the taste of my coffee. What WERE they thinking??? —Alex-C

2012-05-18 13:09:58   Try Roam! You will love it. The prices are so reasonable, the atmosphere terrific and the menu very nice. - something for everyone. Yes, I heard they had a bad start - think they opened before they worked out some logistics and the food & service was not great. That has changed and everyone should give this gem a try. It's my new favorite place.

2014-12-24 10:06:17   Some of the comments from a few years ago are surprising to me. I lived off Park Ave for two years and always walked or drove by this place. I just thought it would be a little coffee shop so I never tried it out. Once I moved to a different part of Rochester, I tried it out, and it was great. I'm not sure if it's changed over the years. I don't get the vibe of a coffee shop, and I didn't even know they had gelato. To me, this is just a nice little Italian restaurant. Prices are reasonable and the food is great. It's becoming one of my favorite spots in Rochester. And as small and unknown as it may be, it's always been busy when I've been there. —DE

2014-12-24 10:07:46   When I say Italian, I guess I mean it's Italian influenced. Certainly not a full blown Italian menu. —DE

2015-05-18 15:39:22   To update my previous comments, I've been back a few times and can say that almost every time I've been there, the service has been extremely slow. I am not sure if they are understaffed or if the person in charge of the front of the house is slow or careless. I went there for brunch recently, and we were sat very quickly. We never had the opportunity to order drinks for a good 15 minutes, when another server came over and asked if the other lady had taken a drink order. The new server was busting her butt and running around while the other lady was very slow and didn't seem to care. The rest of our service was slow because our new server was so backed up with tables. It was busy, but not crazy busy. The food and our drinks were great, as always. But it's getting hard to recommend this place to people because every time I do, the service is very poor. The owner of the place does a nice job with customers and will bring out the food and check on us, but in general it's just very very slow. —DE