Robberies of Mark's Pizzeria's


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Thank you for reading this RocWiki Community Alert!

Normally we wouldn't make an alert for pizza store robberies, however this is a special case. According to WHEC Channel 10, starting at the [WWW]end of July 2011 and [WWW]again this past week, Mark's Pizzeria stores in Victor, Canandaigua, Brighton, North Chili, Gates and Penfield have been broken into. Surveillance Video suggests that it might be the same person.

The extenuating circumstances here are that the person is also taking cash out of jars that are being used for cancer fundraising!!

It takes a special kind of scumbag to rob funds meant to help people dealing with cancer!

If anyone knows anything about these break-ins, please call 9-1-1 ASAP!!

Thank You,
The RocWiki Admin Team

9/12/2011 Update: Another Mark's was hit last week...let's find this guy!!!