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2008-05-15 15:01:15   Worst local business commercial ever. Honestly the commercial alone makes me avoid shopping at this store. —KimBee

2008-05-16 12:23:33   Cant be worse than Fuc-cillo. —MrRochester

2008-07-08 18:39:08   Terrible store, the animals are in disgusting and unhealthy conditions, it's really sad to see them. Don't ever shop there. Go to other local pet-supply stores for things. —Debeb

2008-08-26 16:32:47   This is one of those pet stores that house male and female mice in the same tank. Bad idea. The mouse that I bought looks like she is pregnant. Also, their employees don't know how to handle mice. The girl that was helping me kept picking up the mice by their tails (which could seriously injure them) and tried to tell me to hold the tail so the mouse couldn't get away. At the time they also didn't have a wheel or some other way the mice could exercise in the cage. I know it doesn't seem like a huge deal, but small animals are animals too, and they need to be properly taken care of. —Marian

2009-03-01 14:42:55   Educate yourself before shopping at a deplorable business such as this one. Please go to to learn about the inhumane conditions that dogs from places like Robins Pet Corner come from. She will say they are not from puppy mills or BYB, however, NO reputable breeder would EVER allow dogs to be sold at a pet store. This place is disgusting and horrible. I hope they get shut down. —AshleyGrace

2009-11-26 14:27:32   Well first of all I have been going to this store for years. The conditions aren't horrible they clean everything several times a day. The housed male and female mice together b/c they are FEEDING MICE!! Not many people buy them for pets they prefer the colored mice. As for picking them up by the tail they are UNTAME mice who are very fast and try to get away. If you abruptly grab an untamed mouse they are automatically going to get defensive and bite you. Its not like they swing the mice around by their tails. That is how they have to handle them so they don't get away and get loose in the mall. As for the puppy mill thing I know the breeders that they get their puppies from if the store was so bad then why did the NYS AG and MARKET recommend people to buy a puppy from them. So apparently you don't know anything about this pet store or about puppy mill puppies.

2010-11-06 21:42:24   I was in that pet store for the last time today! I noticed the hermit crabs had no water so I told the girl at the register, instead of saying "okay I'll take care of it" she got very snotty and defensive. Hint if you have customers telling you how to care for the animals your probably not doing a very good job. I have not been in that store for awhile I was in there a year ago and they had the mice and rats in unventilated cages, they looked half dead! So I boycotted it, I will never go in this store again, hermit crabs access to water at all times and should be misted each day, they actually have gills, the saddest part was that the cage had dead hermit crabs, disgusting store! —Joanna

2010-12-07 23:58:18   I popped my head in here today just to see what conditions were like, and nothing had changed. In addition to the things that previous commenters have noted, today I saw a good 10 or 12 Syrian hamsters in a tank no larger than the average fish tank, with a few small holes on the top for air. For those who aren't familiar with the animal, Syrians are supposed to live alone in larger living spaces than the one that all of those poor guys/girls shared. Also, the woman behind the counter barked at me "We're closing!" before I could even take a look at the other animals, despite the fact that the rest of the mall was open for another two hours and that there were no signs of the shop being closed. I commented loudly about the overcrowded hamsters and left. This place should be shut down. —MeganLangley

2011-03-21 19:42:46   The store has recently added some new puppy windows to the front and done some nice re-organizaition. It looks much nicer than before. —Tarcanya

2012-08-18 23:34:23   OMG!!!!!! What a bunch of Busi-bodies with NOTHING else to do but bitch about everything and everybody .I Was in the store today and everything looked fine and all the animals looked pretty happy and contented ..AND CLEAN.. Go Find Something Else to Complain About...go home and clean your filthy houses and dirty kids.. Soooo sick of these people always crying about something or any thing that they can muster up...GET A LIFE..... —Noreen