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a guide to Rochester, NY


The following text is entirely stolen from [WWW] :

asian food:

And I'm gonna have to disagree about coffee. I'm less of a fan of Starbucks, which could account for our differences, but I feel Spot is really second rate coffee, and their service has been bad to the point of offensive every time I've been. I think Java's is better in every way (though Spot has some neat seating - I like the space they have). Wegman's coffee stand is actually very good. Fingerlakes coffee roasters makes ligher coffee than I like, but I think they use the best beans, and unless you drink it very strong / black like me, I think they're the best. (rosta)

First, dispensing with the vitriol: (vaporizersmith)

Luckily, I think Rochester has a lot more good than bad. Some of my favorites:

If you want something heavier / richer, try:

Slightly cheaper:

I'm sure I've forgotten several places. My appologies. I think this accurately, if not completely, summarizes much of Rochester's fine dining. Anyone disagree with anything I've said? (rosta)