Rochester Massage Alliance

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Rochester Massage Alliance, Inc.
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The Rochester Massage Alliance is an organization supporting massage therapists in the Rochester area.


The Rochester Massage Alliance was founded by Christine Baker and Michelle Ames who recognized the need for Rochester-area massage therapists to band together for self-help, self-preservation, and self-advocacy—both locally and globally.

Their vision is one in which every massage therapist has the career they desire… whether part-time in conjunction with another job, or full-time. Our dream is for therapists to be healthy in mind, body, spirit—and business.


"We exist to benefit Massage Therapists - for longer careers, better access to information, education, networking opportunities and business support."

The Founders

Christine C. Baker discovered her passion for working with people at a very young age, but she didn’t find her true calling until becoming a massage therapist. Licensed in New York since 2007, Christine juggles work with her family life: husband, Rob; and children, Jackie, Bobby, Abby, Emily and Michael.

In speaking with other therapists, Christine discovered a need for networking and other opportunities to share best practices among therapists. Christine’s experience as a therapist, combined with her passion, care and concern, propelled her to reach out to Michelle Ames to start the Rochester Massage Alliance, Inc.

Christine’s vision is for the Rochester massage community to have somewhere to go for guidance, as well as education, resources, and networking.
The launch of Rochester Massage Alliance is truly a dream come true for Christine.

You can contact Christine at

Michelle M. Ames finds joy in helping others follow their dreams. With over 20 years of experience working in higher education, Michelle found herself as the director of a massage school. It was there that she felt the greatest possibility of helping students attain their goals. Having taught Massage Therapy Law & Ethics and Business and Communication for Massage, and having a master’s degree in business administration, Michelle was more than happy to partner with Christine to launch the Rochester Massage Alliance, Inc.

Michelle divides her time between the Rochester Massage Alliance, Hilton School Board, volunteer work and a full-time job. Michelle enjoys spending time with her family: husband Art; daughter Lydia; and four cats.

Michelle is thrilled to be a part of helping the Rochester Massage Alliance come to life.

Michelle can be reached at