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2005-12-27 16:26:01   Although an ampersand seems like undue “attention to detail”, because the RMSC formed from the merger of two organizations, they emphasize their organizational heritage by using “&” and not “and”. Is it worth the cost of clarity to ampersand the title/link/URL? —JohnLam

2005-12-27 16:35:02   Yes, it is. Names here should be the same as the offical name, (and keep the 'and' version, for easier searching). Just renaming this page should fix all that.... —FarMcKon

2005-12-27 17:07:32   Thanks Far. I noted your recent ampersanding in my “Recent Changes“ feed. Had i opened the page, i would have seen your “Writers & Books” entry, doh! The feed ought show as many as the page. —JohnLam