Rochester Wargamers Association and Guild

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RIT SAU Cafeteria
Tuesday Nights from 7pm to 11pm
September-May (Labor Day-Memorial Day)
during the normal academic year
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Rochester Wargamer's Association and Guild (RWAG) is a recreational organization for those that enjoy such activities as wargames, role playing games (RPGs), live action role playing games (LARPs), board games, and card games. Although officially a Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) student club, RWAG is a community oriented organization whose members come not only from the RIT student body but also from the number of RIT alumni as well as local community members. RWAG brings members together, provides facilities to conduct game sessions, exposes interested members to different game venues, and represents interests of the members to the RIT Student Government, faculty, and administration. RWAG also organizes occasional social events such as movie outings, and BBQs. In addition, to further benefit its members, RWAG ocassionaly promotes other student organizations. For more information about RWAG please visit the RWAG site above and refer to the RWAG Constitution.

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Every meeting many games go on including but not limited to:
-Magic Booster Drafts that have been sanctioned since Fall 2007
-Casual Magic play
-Open Boardgame play (eurogames, wargames, whatever)
-Several Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) groups
-Occasionally Warhammer & Minatures
-And other open gaming

RWAG has a fairly large library of games including:
-A collection of many different games that grows each year
-A large variety of D&D books and various editions (ranging from AD&D to the new 4.0)
-A collection of out of print White Wolf books (that are all out of print)

They also present a much-diminished version of what used to be a very well known gaming con called Rudicon.


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2007-08-30 17:37:48   The RWAG web link is quite out of date. As of this September, will RWAG still have the regular meetings on Tuesday nights? Does anyone know? —CedrickStanton

2007-08-30 19:17:22   I have been told yes—as normal, Cedrick. —PeteB

2008-06-23 10:42:31   As one of the ones currently running RWAG, for the next year and all of last year, I can confirm that it's active and growing. The site is currently down, so I've updated information here. We have a lot of things in the works so check us out, we're open to the public. —DaveSorensen