Rotary Sunshine Camp

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809 Five-Points Road, Rush NY, 14543 [Directions]
585 533 2080 x100- Facilities Manager Larry Fritz

Rotary Sunshine Camp is a campground in Rush run by the [WWW]Rochester Rotary Club.

During the summer months, it serves as a life-changing growth camping experience for Teens and Children with all types of disabilities. There are weeks dedicated to specific types of Disabilities such as Multiple Dystrophy and Diabetes. When the standard "Sunshine Camp" is not in session, the campus is available for private groups and non-profit organizations to rent.

The campus has a number of amenities:


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2008-08-23 13:25:53   I started attending RSC in 1973 as a 4-year old child. 25 years later I still maintain an active affiliation. I am eternally grateful for the experiences I was a part of in all those years. Independence, compassion, determination, pride...just a few of the skills I know the camp contributed to my learning and foundation as a person —PeteB