Seven Bridges Farm

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seven2.jpgFresh eggs and steaks at the Market, Jan 2011 sign.jpgFarm sign in Lima seven1.jpgMeat on display at the Public Market, Jan 2011

2191 Pond Road, Lima, NY 14485 [Directions]
Main building at Public Market
during market hours
Hours (as of January 2011)
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585 749 6958
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Seven Bridges Farm is a local farm providing all natural beef, poultry, pork, eggs, and various other products that are free from hormones and antibiotics.

Run by Jeff and Barrita Shanks in Lima NY. You can find them inside the main heated building at the Rochester Public Market, and at various other farmer's markets throughout the area.


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2011-01-15 18:55:12   We have purchased from Jeff and Barrita for about a year now, besides the fact that they are very nice people, we have always enjoyed the quality and flavor of their products. Although their product is a little bit more expensive than the supermarket, the difference is not huge and is well worth it to get better quality and support a local business. We still need to get down to visit the farm (and take more photos). —DottieHoffmann