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2006-11-19 04:21:40   Does anyone know where I can lodge a complaint about SoHo? We were there earlier tonight and all of us except one were not allowed - on the grounds that his pants were too baggy. trust me when i say any tighter and it would have been indecent. moreover, 2 of my guy friends were wearing similiar jeans and they didnt stop them. My friend who wasnt allowed in was also black. Coincidence? I certainly hope so but I want to file a complaint. I also will not be returning to SoHo. I recommend you boycott them too. Yes, they are a nice club but some things are simply not worth the price. —OneLove

2007-03-26 16:17:01   I think its common knowledge that soho doesnt seem to be as welcoming to its black customers. Ive seen white kids get in with hoodies/dirtysneakers right in front of me and been harassed because the bouncer thought my dress shirt w cufflinks had 'etchings' —RichWright

2007-03-30 09:36:13   Holy crap at the coomments above. That is just bull. —KimBee

2007-04-24 13:12:18   word I feel ya about not being able to get in cause you black!!!!!!!! well I guess they want to keep us all in the ST. Paul quater. I went to soho last weekend and i wasn't going to get in until I got me a sheild to vouch for me —DwayneRobinson

2007-07-06 22:31:17   If it makes you feel any better, I am white and on two separate occasions they didn't let me in. One time it was with a hoodie, another time I was wearing track pants. But of course people can have cut up jeans any way they like. They're just haters in general. —BobbyLight

2007-09-23 14:56:52   Same problem as above. Last night they wouldn't let me in on the grounds that my shorts were too long. Ridiculous? I think so. —JesseKanclerz

2007-11-07 19:50:17   I do everything i can to avoid this bar. There is always a problem. Its always to cramped, and the music is repetative. The bouncers let in who they choose. Last time i checked, this is rochester, not NYC. there is no "list" and this bar is not cool enought to discriminate their patrons. —TorieCaddy