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2008-08-26 10:30:06   I would suggest updating the prices given in the article for renting. Having recently signed a lease for a one-bedroom in the wedge, and having looked at quite a few places, I can definitely say the range has gone up, at least for one bedrooms.

Currently the article says:

One Bedroom's : $500-$525 a month with heat and hot water included

I would say this range is more like $525-$650 with utilities included, $450-$575 without heat (yes, there did seem to be a fair bit of overlap). I put this on the talk page so we can maybe get a variety of comments on the topic to come up with a more definitive answer. —StevenDibelius

2010-02-13 12:42:11   Agreed on the rental rates, just signed a lease in January '10 for a 1br and it was significantly out of the range stated on the page, as were all of the other units I looked at in the area. If there aren't any more accurate figures available then perhaps the rate section should be removed. —lbarber