Spook Hill


Spook Hill is near a Native American burial ground overlooking Canandaigua Lake. It is named "Spook Hill" because cars (while in neutral) and bicycles will seem to roll uphill. Some believe this to be an optical illusion. Others believe a Native American ghost is pushing your car/bike up the hill.

From Middlesex, take 364 west then north. At South Vine Valley Road, turn left, and follow it toward Canandaigua Lake. (Those reading RocWiki are probably coming from Canandaigua, so take 364 south and turn right on South Vine Valley Road.) At Newell Road, turn left and check your odometer. At about half a mile, you will reach the top of a steep hill. Continue, and come to a stop shortly before the driveway you'll see on the right and put the car in neutral. You will appear to be facing downhill. Release your brake. Which way will the spook push your car? Is it really just an optical illusion?

ADVICE: Rolling backwards on a public road can be very dangerous, as someone coming up the other side of the hill will not see you. Bring an extra person to keep a watch out for traffic.

[WWW]Youtube video showing the location


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2005-07-22 08:13:17   I've tried this and if this is an optical illusion, it's one of the better out in the open ones I have seen. Other decent ones appear in caverns and houses. —JasonWilder

2005-12-13 23:51:03   This might prove rather interesting. Perhaps if the weather holds I'll send a team out to more fully explore the potentials of this legend. Obviously I will share what if any results should be acquired. —JoeBurkhart

2007-04-25 00:41:21   I wish it were a ghost, but it is an optical illusion. When you get out of the car, and begin to walk up the "hill" to the crest of Newell Road, you'll find that you're walking downhill. —NancyOdonnell

2008-06-24 00:40:21   This was probably the creepiest area I've been to. I was horribly afraid some strange would just come up and tap on the window. But really cool optical illusion! Totally worth checking out sometime. Remember to go over the hill, set your car in neutral, and your car is being pushed backwards up the hill. —snoopyhead101

2009-05-07 11:50:32   Not related to this, but I was wondering if anyone knew anything about a house on Keck Road in Egypt, NY where a man supposedly murdered his family. I heard the house was abandoned with all the stuff in it, including blood from the murders, but was accidentally burnt down over 10 years ago. Does anyone know if the foundation or any of the belongings are still there or even just more about the story, like the name of the family? —GoldenGirl

2010-09-16 23:07:42   Have been going here since I was a child. Before they paved and regraded the road it was pretty amazing, now it is more subtle but still gets high marks for high weirdness. —PMazur

2021-06-27 20:56:18   This is a quick, free, fun diversion. You will not likely encounter traffic on Newell Road, but you never know, so be careful and use your flashers. —GaryGocek