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916 Panorama Trail South, Penfield NY, 14625 [Directions]
Bar Hours (as of March 2015)
Monday - Friday: 11:30AM to 2:00AM
Saturday - Sunday: 12:00PM to 2:00AM
Restaurant Hours (as of March 2015)
Monday - Saturday: 11:30AM to 10:00PM
Sunday: 12:00PM to 9:00PM
585 385 4160
Wheelchair Accessible
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TP's (Timothy Patrick's) is an Irish pub in Penfield. The original owner has gone through a great effort to make this pub look like an real Irish pub, using authentic building materials and methods for the exterior and interior. Timothy Patrick's serves a full menu which may or may not be authentically Irish - it is certainly quite similar to mainstream American bar fare. A selection of Irish beers is available on tap. There are also flatscreen TV's and dart boards.

Located across the street from Paychex just south of Route 441.


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Timothy Patrick's is awesome. I'd give it a five, just because I love the food, the atmosphere and the service. I'll admit I don't generally go out to extremely fancy or acclaimed restaraunts or anything, so my five is a bit broad but I'd highly recommend it. (lessthanlizzy) from a Live Journal Entry - No longer valid: http://www.livejournal.com/community/rochester/692801.html

2005-11-25 14:24:22   TP's is worth a visit just to experience the incongruity of an Irish Pub sitting next to a Dodge Dealership in Penfield. The food is basic bar food, done well, and the staff is friendly. The 23-year-old age minimum is from a bad experience the owner had a few years back. I think (not sure) he closes on St. Patrick's day also, though he may have loosened up about that. —RottenChester

2006-09-14 08:26:34   My husband and I had a nice dinner experience here. The decor is a nice change and the place was hopping on a Wednsday night! I had the fish fry, which was excellent. Give this place a shot when you are looking for some good burgers or comfort food. —EllenKelsey

2006-11-22 20:39:10   This restaurant is rediculously good for chicken wings. I've eaten wings at Jerahmiah's, Dinosaur, Buffalo Wild Wings, just about every pizza place in town, as well as duff's, and anchor bar in buffalo, and these wings are by far the best I've ever had. I keep coming back. Their sauce is not a traditional buffalo wing sauce, but rather its thick, dark, chunky, and spicy. The wings are ALWAYS very crispy, as well. For 7.50 you get a very large amount of wings, waffle fries, celery sticks, and a big bucket of bleu cheese (homemade I'm pretty sure) —AskJeez

2007-11-17 08:38:29   I have gone to this place about three times and each time I have had mediocre service, below average food (the wings are awful compared to Dinosaur's smoked wings!), and a poor selection of beer. I really think the menu needs a overhaul (boring and unappetizing selections) and they need to get some taps of some good beer, especially since the building is made to resemble a real Irish Pub! Drinking Bud draft in an Irish Pub should be outlawed!!! —DabeernFooddude

2008-05-21 15:10:17   I agree with DabeernFooddude-the service was very friendly, however service was very s-l-o-w... The food was okay, I was hoping for russian dressing on my turkey ruben, instead it had a relish of some sort, it had pumpernickle bread ( yum!) and tons of sauerkraut, but it was lacking something to give that extra kick. The fries were not great, must have been around for a bit, they were cold and greasy. The inside is nicely decorated.
I am not sure if I would be a repeat customer. —JenniferWynne

2008-05-22 09:58:44   I havent eaten at the new TP's, but Timothy Patricks was a great Irish restaurant. Big portions, good food, and a unique atmosphere. A younger generation bought the place from the founder and changed the name, but I think the founder stayed on the payroll to consult. So most likely its the same. —MrRochester

2008-06-10 13:43:30   We visited TPs on Sunday, June 8, for dinner and I was very disappointed. I used to love Timothy Patrick's. The French Onion Soup was salty and short on onions. The salad was very heavy on iceberg. My husband liked his steak sandwich, but he's not as particular as I am. —ErinDwyer

2008-09-28 15:02:47   First of all, I gotta clear up some false information written here. You DO NOT have to be 23 to drink at TP's. 21 is the age. Second, TP's IS NOT closed for St. Patrick's Day. Open regular hours. Next, there has NEVER BEEN Bud draft on tap. Guiness, Harp, and Smithwick's are ice cold at TP's. The reubens do come with Russian, not relish. I also believe there is always the perfect amount of iceberg in my salads. Come on kids. —DartsNDrinks

2008-10-07 20:05:34   I used to love Timothy Patricks.It was unique. It is different now, with the addition of numerous large screen T.V's. It is much brighter inside and no longer has the feel of an authentic Irish Pub. —FGeorge

2010-02-06 22:31:31   Obviously DartsnDrinks was not there the year I was there. They had Bud draft on tap! My eyes don't deceive me! I have not been there since they have changed into a sports bar, but I did check out the website and see the menu has changed a bit, although it looks like they still have those same bad wings because the description is about the same. —DabeernFooddude

2011-01-03 22:41:40   'Dabeern fooddude:' (super cute name by the way...:) from an employee, the last time we had bud on draft was 1996. We've never had bud lite on draft. So maybe you should get your eyes checked ;) xoxo —kathryn

2012-07-07 23:21:26   It does not look like an Irish pub, it looks like an American sports bar with some Irish-themed kitsch. The food is not Irish. The staff was friendly, and the burger and fries were good. It is a good lunch place. —RobertFrapples