Tags Cheat-Sheet


Tags by Example

Name Tagging Result
Superscript  Super^script^  Superscript
Subscript  Sub,,script,,  Subscript
Strike-through  X-- strikeout --X  strikeout
Bold (3 single-quotes)  '''Bold'''  Bold
Italic (2 single-quotes)  ''Italic''  Italic
Underline  __Underline__  Underline
Footnote  [[FootNote(Some Info you want to footnote.)]] 1
Link to an http URL automatically.  http://RocWiki.org  [WWW]http://RocWiki.org
Link to a URL manually (preferred)  [http://RocWiki.org]  [WWW]http://RocWiki.org
Link to a URL with text  [http://RocWiki.org RocWiki the Website]  [WWW]RocWiki the Website
Link to a RocWiki page  ["Title of RocWiki Page"]  Title of RocWiki Page
Link to a RocWiki page with alternate text  ["Title of RocWiki Page" Some other Title]  Some other Title
Link to an e-mail address automatically  nobody@rocwiki.org  nobody@rocwiki.org
Link to an e-mail address manually (to hide from spam-bots)  [[mailto(nobody AT rocwiki DOT org)]]  <nobody AT rocwiki.org>
Link to an HTML anchor  [#anchorname Anchor Link]  Anchor Link
Square brackets  &#91; &#93;  [ ]

Tags by Description

Description Tagging
Main heading  = Heading = 
Subheading  == Subheading == 
Subheading 2  === Subheading === 
Subheading 3  ==== Subheading ==== 
Subheading 4  ===== Subheading ===== 
Text formatted literally Enclose "code" use three braces in a row ({{{) then close with three in a pair (}}})
Comment area  [[Comments()]] 
Comment area with title  [[Comments("Title Above Comment Area")]] 
Table-of-contents automatically generated from headings  [[TableOfContents]] 
Hidden text (text shown only during editing)  ## at the beginning of a line 
Page redirect  #redirect Page Name at the beginning of the page.2 (Note that when the you save the page, it will not redirect unless you click the heading. To edit a redirect, click on the "redirected from" link to see the redirect page.)

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