The Apple Farm

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1640 State Route 444, Victor NY, 14534 [Directions]
Hours (as of October 2009)
Daily: 10:00AM to 7:00PM
585 924 3420
<manager AT thevictorapplefarm DOT com>
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2009-10-11 17:34:37   I visited this place on a Saturday. They had some small square hay bails for the kids to jump around on and pony rides. They do have freshly made(you can watch the guy doing it) Apple Donuts (Glazed, Cinnamon & Sugar, and Regular). I tried some Cinnamon & Sugar apple donuts with a mulled cider. They were both pretty good. The store is stocked with a few things. In my opinion the main things are apple cider and apples. I would suggest staying away from any of products with "the apple farm" logo on it, except the cider. These products are heavily processed (use things like high fructose corn syrup) and they don't even use apples from this farm in the products. I asked one of the helpers where the apples came from they muttered something about Honeoye. I am still skeptical. I decided to hop on their free tractor and go pickup some apples. The ride is very direct you could easily walk to the apples. The driver offered bags to passengers. He forgot to mention that if you use the bag you have to pay an extra 10 cents at the counter. They mark the rows with what variety they are and tell you to stay in those rows. You can pretty much pick whatever wherever you like. I found the apples a bit on the expensive side when I came back to weigh them. If I do this again I will be sure to fill myself with apples in addition to my bag. In summary the kids have fun. The Cider and Donuts are good, but stay away from their other apple products. —Eamon