The House of Six Nations Cafeteria

Hours (as of March 2005)
Daily: 6:30AM to 8:00PM, 1:30AM to 3:30AM

The House of Six Nations Cafeteria, located near the red elevators on the first floor of Strong Memorial Hospital, offers full-menu dining services.

Monday - Friday

Saturday, Sunday and Holidays

Good Food for cheap (Disclaimer: Prices last updated May 2005. [WWW]View Online Prices):

Convenient payment: The cafeteria recently began accepting credit card payments for all purchases in addition to cash and UofR declining balance accounts.

Online ordering is available Monday-Friday from 11am to 9:30pm at [WWW]this website. If you order online, you can pick up your food at the front entrance and avoid the lines. Or, if you don't feel like ordering, you can just check out the menu for the day. Nutrition info is available for most items—just hover the mouse over the item name.


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2007-01-27 14:20:24   It's really hit or miss here with the food quality—I've had delicious things one day and disgusting things the next. There is a huge variety, though, so you're sure to find something to eat. If you don't like any of the specials for the day, there are always hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, a salad bar, yogurt, and some basic sandwiches available. There are also always bagels, soups, and a wide range of desserts. If you go around noon on a weekday, you might have to battle for a seat. It gets a little crazy. —RachelBlumenthal