The M-Balm Effect


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Running Time
1 - 2 hrs. (Saturdays, 6 PM - 8 PM EST)
Rochester, New York, United States
[WWW]M-Balm (Harold Brush)
Omen (Justin Erway)
Ghost (Ryan Hunt)
Austin Dash (Austin Callari)
Andrea (Andrea Saunders)
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Opening Theme
"Syndrome" by Michael Briguglio
Original Release
April 30th, 2019 - present

The M-Balm Effect is a Rochester-based hot talk podcast/webshow. Hosted by [WWW]M-Balm (Harold Brush), the show first began on YouTube in 2019. The content contains savage commentary along with crazy antics as well as interviews with local artists.

The show began broadcasting LIVE in May of 2019 through YouTube and Facebook a little later that year. In July of 2020, the podcast format of the show was syndicated onto multiple podcast platforms such as Spotify, iHeart and Apple Podcasts. Later on in 2020, the show began broadcasting from the Twitch platform.



In April of 2019, the show uploaded it's first episode titled "The Greatest Man To Ever Live". The episode was pre-taped and the content included a night out at a local bar in Webster and meeting a man who claimed that he was "the greatest man to ever live". The M-Balm Effect at the time only had two co-hosts alongside M-Balm, Zu Keeper and Uber Mike. The show was broadcasted from Zu's apartment up until October of 2019 when the show was re-located to an actual dedicated space for the show's studio.


In January of 2020, the show split up into two different shows with Ghost, Omen and Austin Dash who were new co-hosts of the show. M-Balm, Omen and Ghost hosted TME: Afterburn and Zu Keeper, Uber Mike and Austin Dash hosted TME: Blitzed. M-Balm unveiled that there will be a TME Undisputed championship while revealing the championship belt on Blitzed. The show went back to being just one show under The M-Balm Effect again after the pandemic due to COVID-19. In May of 2020, Uber Mike left the show and left the crew down to just five crew members.

Throughout the year, The M-Balm Effect had various guests on the show including Rochester's very own Richard Leigh otherwise known as RLShow, Rochester metal band "Perspectives" and even DJ Primal! The show had an addition of a female to the show who went by the name Cori. The crew upgraded their equipment including microphones and a new table for the studio. The show parted ways with Cori in November of 2020. After almost a year of revealing the show championship, Omen won a one year old Christmas cookie challenge in order to become the first ever TME Undisputed Champion.


In January 2021, it was revealed on the show that video game streaming will be offered on The M-Balm Effect. It will include a variety of games being played as well as challenges for the TME Undisputed Championship.

The show mascot Joyce, which is a mannequin of a savage old lady with a scythe and in a wheelchair that sits in the studio, started having segments where she talks to the crew and even gave one of the co-hosts a lap dance. M-Balm explained on an episode of TME: Afterburn that Joyce is actually a reference to someone he personally knew.

On the January 23rd episode of The M-Balm Effect, an announcement was made that a minor title known as the TME Full Effect Championship will be brought onto the show. The title will be put on the line on and off of the show, 24/7 in any challenge whereas the TME Undisputed title will be put on the line on the show once a month during big event challenges.

During the February 20th show, it was announced that there would be an extension of the show called "ROC HARD" which will feature local bands from Rochester and surrounding areas in studio hanging with the TME Crew. On February 27th, "ROC HARD" debuted with special guests Soma Slumber kicking off the first ever episode.

May 1st, the show celebrated it's 2 year anniversary with a best of 3 Mortal Kombat match between Ghost as Fujin and Omen as Sub-Zero. Omen lost his title to Ghost by Brutality in the 3rd and final match, solidifying the new reign of Ghost as Undisputed Champion.


The podcast was for a time available in a video format on the Spotify platform. M-Balm announced in an episode of the show that he didn't see the purpose of it as the show is available in video format on other platforms.

In mid 2022, it was announced that Zu Keeper would be stepping away from the show.

The last episode of the year was the revival of "ROC HARD" with "The Ripper" Reinhold from Rochester metal band PERSPECTIVES coming in studio and hanging out with M-Balm.


M-Balm announced on the 1/7/2023 show that he and his wife are expecting their first child this year.

On the 1/21/2023 edition of the show, the crew welcomed long time listener Andrea, as a brand new co-host for the show.

Theme Music
Song Title Artist Dates Used
"Chaos" Gunnar Olsen April 30th, 2019 - July 4th, 2020
"Rabid" Ethan Meixsell July 4th, 2020 - January 16th, 2021
"Syndrome" Michael Briguglio January 16th, 2021 - Present