The Pole

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1671 Penfield Road, Rochester NY 14625 [Directions]
585 586 1040
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The Pole is a barbershop in Penfield. It recently came under new management, and the new owner is making renovations to create a lounge atmosphere. Current amenities include a pool table and a PlayStation 3 video game system.

The Barber, Rob, is a nice guy, on the younger side (thirties). He does all the things a good barber should, including: Shaving the neck with a straight razor; trimming eyebrows (upon request); and finishing with scissors instead of clippers.


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2006-11-18 18:08:28   My shop of choice. The barber, Rob, is a good guy and cuts an excellent head of hair. —EastSideStephen

2008-12-10 10:15:47   Went there last Saturday. Definitely not your standard barbershop. The inside looks like a work in progress, but the environment is very nice, and Rob seems like a good guy. I was very pleased with the cut. There was a female barber there too, and Rob was cutting a woman's hair, so it's not just a place for guys. I'll happily go back.

Also - the sign out front said something like "Barbershop", not "The Pole", so don't be confused. :-) —RichMulvey

2009-04-18 22:11:15   On June 1st I will celebrate my 3rd Anniversary as owner of this shop, as well as my 5th anniversary to my lovely bride, Karen. My patient clients are the very best, as I have been working on renovations for most of that time. I will have renovations complete by June 1. New additions include a theater-styled popcorn machine dispensing free popcorn, Playstation 3, and couches that recline. I am determined to create the best Barbershop the city has ever seen and have a multitude of ideas that I will slowly be rolling out. These ideas will certainly raise the bar for all Barbershops everywhere, so stay tuned. I have delivered on all my promises to my customers, but the best is yet to come! —RobPalermo

2009-04-24 15:15:48   Of the three barbers I have tried in Rochester, this is the best haircut I have had. —StevenY

2010-10-01 11:28:13   Excellent haircut and service. Rob's the best. —SargtGrumbles

2011-11-21 19:28:15   Rob usually does a great job, and even though he comes off as a complete flake, I continue to use him as my primary barber. Just don't expect much in the way of coherent conversation from him... —Alex-C

2013-01-11 21:38:35   Just an update: Unless your a fan of Ron Paul and/or Ayn Rand, best to skip this guy, because you're gonna get an earful of some of the most neurotic, spiteful political ideology while you sit in his chair. He can't seem to keep from blabbering his fringe political thoughts long enough to actually cut hair in a timely manner, so expect your cut (and wait) to be twice as long as it needs to be. Sorry, Rob, you're a fairly talented barber, but you're also loonier than a squirrel in heat. I can't see the value in spending 2 hours listening to a madman rant incessently, so I've gone on and found another barber (like about half of your formerly regular clientele). There are far too many barbers in town who understand that you are NOT their prisoner when visiting their establishment. Some of them even play music, rather than inflicting Rush Limbag on them. —alex-c

2014-06-11 18:37:53   Stopped in today with my son. Great haircut and Rob is a fun guy to listen to while getting your hair cut or just waiting as I was. Comfortable waiting area and lots of car magazines. I like that. There is a negative review posted in January of 2011. Don't worry about that, Rob. I clicked on his name and saw that he has given a negative review to just about every business he's ever commented on. I think he would be your friend if you accepted his WXXI discount card... just kidding. Keep up the great work. We will be back and will tell others. —Peekup.Andropov