The Seat of Forgetting and Remembering

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A sculpture called Seat of Forgetting and Remembering is located near the bluff of the Lower Falls. It was created in 2001 by Adriana ippel Slutzky, a sculptor/art educator from Le Roy who taught at the Rochester School for the Deaf for 17 years.1

ryah.jpg sculpture.jpg


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2005-09-28 20:58:20   I think I can make out Han Solo. —RobertPolyn

2005-09-29 11:09:23   I got boba fett's autograph after this picture was taken. —RyDahl

2008-11-07 19:38:14   Does anyone have a date on this Sculpture? —Wolfman-K

2008-11-07 19:39:41   oh got it from the citation... 2001 —Wolfman-K

2011-04-25 12:17:54   directions on how to get there would be nice lindabradley

2020-11-16 16:34:53   This is located in the Lower Falls Park. You see the Driving Park Bridge in the background. See [WWW] Directions: From downtown you take State Street, Lake Avenue northward up to Driving Park Avenue where you turn right and where you can park on the right hand side before you cross the bridge. —AFBorchert