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This page is where differences in opinions about RocWiki pages are resolved, and notes are left from one contributor to another related to content. Remember our etiquette policies and guidelines when leaving commentary.


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2006-11-06 17:32:17   we use them frequently for work lunches, sometimes its tough to get someone on the phone if you need more information, or a special request.... plan far ahead if you want to use them! —JcPop

2006-11-10 16:23:04   Great service! Very Easy on line ordering! They offer a variety of well known area restaurants for a nominal delivery fee. Dinner hours (4:45-8:00) are staffed by phone. They specialize in office events for lunches. We use them very frequently for office lunches and they only need 1 day advanced notice to deliver a great lunch. You can order lunch on-line using their advanced order feature, or by phone during dinner hours. What a great idea! —RobertCrenshaw

2007-08-03 09:22:19   They have a text-entry box at the end of their web ordering process where you can put comments. I wrote some suggestions (such as use Ajax in the website, lower the prices, and offer lunch delivery less than one day in advance). The owner apparently didn't like my tone, and sent me back a long-winded email that insulted my website, took great offense at my comments, and told me that my order was cancelled. I thought this was a little ridiculous, and something I've never heard of before. Ask the customer for comments, and then refuse them service when they criticize you? —IsaacVanDuyn

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2007-08-07 18:30:32   Good evening, (please note 2 postings due to length)

I am the owner of and it has come to my attention tonight that I should read this page, which I did an absolute shock. Firstly, let me express my apologies to all of you who use RocWiki in the correct way. I myself have found it to be an extremely valuable community service and I agree with it's principles of honesty and sharing. Secondly, I would like to personally express my apologies to Mr. Isaac VanDuyn. There was a situation which transpired and came to be blown out of proportion by no fault of Isaac. Certain people working here took offense to things and they took it into their own hands by posting the comments above in response to Isaac's comments. I believe I have gotten to the bottom of things on a personnel level with regards to this.

2007-08-07 18:30:52   (Good Evening Cont…) I'd like to explicitly state that "Miss Anon" was a fabrication of a person who works here. She has admitted to this and has been duly reprimanded & suspended. Her comments should be deleted or outright ignored. I am certain that Mr. Isaac VanDuyn is an upstanding Rochester citizen who works for a great area company. I am both very embarassed by this sequence of events and regretful that it has taken the time of Mr. VanDuyn and all of you RocWiki users. I will consider this to be a valuable learning example for all of our employees as well as our management in setting and enforcing customer relations policies. I thank all of you for your understanding and I assure you that such an event will never occur again. Please email me directly if you have any questions whatsoever at Regretfully, Andrew Casini

Ed: A large number of comments have been redacted, primarily due to breach of wiki etiquette and meta-commentary. Those truly interested in reading the full tirade should click on the Info button and view revision 51.