Tony Bartolucci


Birth name Aliases
Tony A. Bartolucci None
Birth date Birth place
February 2, 1963 Buffalo, NY USA
Date of death Place of death
Known for
Forty-Fourth Pastor of the Historic Clarkson Community Church

Tony A. Bartolucci is an Evangelical Christian pastor-scholar and, since 2002, preaching elder at the historic Clarkson Community Church. He is the voice of Grounded in Grace, a one-hour radio program that is broadcast Sundays on WYSL Radio.

Education. B.S. Arizona Christian University, Phoenix, AZ (1993); M.A. Phoenix Seminary, Phoenix, AZ (2002); Th.M. / Th.D.(c), Whitefield Theological Seminary, Lakeland, FL.

Memberships. Fellowship of Independent Reformed Evangelicals; the Evangelical Theological Society; the International Church Council Project; the North American Patristic Society; the National Association of Scholars.

Writing. Bartolucci is currently writing an absract of Merle D'Aubigne's classic work, The History of the German and Swiss Reformation.

Family. Wife, Lois (1989). Daughter, Giana (2001).