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645 Norton Street, Rochester NY, 14621
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Torres Turn Key Property Management is a Property Management firm.


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2020-06-27 12:32:09   Sandra Stidham 4 reviews
17 hours ago-Edit
Critical: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness
A year ago Torres Turnkey took over the property management of the home that we have resided in for 11 years. We do not ask a lot of them, just to fix the things that need fixing, when they need fixing! Well, today I submitted a repair request, about 1 pm, via their web site, for a plumbing issue in our basement. I, also, called them, but naturally they did not answer (they NEVER answer when I call), so I leave them voicemail… I, also, send them a text message… I did get a reply from them, via email, which stated, “Hello, I asked Chris to take care of this, So he should be giving you a call. Thanks”. I waited and waited and waited and nothing more. I sent several more texts to find out what the hell was going on and nothing… NO REPLY! SURPRISE… SURPRISE… It is now 7 pm… Has our plumbing issue been resolved? NOPE. Have we heard from Chris or anyone else? NOPE! I am pissed! Like I have already said, we have resided in this house for years. We pay our rent-ON TIME EVERY MONTH. Yet we have to fight to get them to get to return any calls or to get repairs done. This is not the first time! The only time that I have seen them right on anything is if I point out that it is against Housing Code or I remind them that my honey is a Code Enforcement Officer… Then they jump on it. I am pissed! I refuse to go to the laundromat when I have my own washer and dryer! —SandyStidham

2022-03-23 13:16:36   BEWARE LANDLORDS!!! We gave properties to Daniel and Nada to manage and it has been an absolute nightmare!!
For starters, when we first met Danny he has a very friendly, all smiles and charismatic personality and makes you believe that you’re in very good hands.
We noticed that since Torress takes their fee beginning of the month, regardless if the tenants pay or not, they don’t have motivation to work harder with the difficult tenants. Many of my tenants complained that Torres doesn’t answer the phones ever and they called the city because they weren’t able to get through to anyone for extended periods of time ! People slapped their hand on their forehead when I told them I started working with Torres.
A few repairs they did, a 5 year old can do better. We had to redo it.
Once I sent in my termination notice to them amicably, suddenly they turned into cold ravioli. No more smiles and barely any responses to questions and emails. Had to chase them.
They also had so many unexplained charges that they just keep telling me look at the portal. They sent me a 1099 with almost $2,000 more than I actually received and till today they don’t want to tell me why (shady!). Very rude!
Please do yourself a huge favor and stay far far far away to avoid headaches and dishonesty.

So many times they made “mistakes” by overcharging us ALWAYS in their favor. I had to look over my numbers very carefully. If your not careful and look over everything constantly…

I have no idea how they have good reviews here. It’s probably friends and family. No one I spoke to had good experience with them. In fact, they are considered slumlords according to some people that work in the city. Go to the BBB website and check out their 2/5 rating. So bad —Mayaneden