A Troll is someone who contributes comments or edits to a page with the intention of baiting others into a response. Trolls may also have another agenda, such as shilling for a competitor, or adding some drama to a real-world dispute. For more on the history and practice of trolling, see the [wikipedia]Wikipedia entry.

The RocWiki community deals with trolling on a case-by-case basis. Entries are marked with a troll alert when we suspect that someone is abusing edit privileges and trying to provoke a response. All entries marked as possible examples of trolling are available at the Troll Pages List.

NOTICE: Occasionally, RocWiki users may encounter Server Errors when posting Comments and attempt to resend the page. The Comment may have posted successfully despite the error returned to the browser, the resulting multiple entries may trigger a Troll Alert. In a case like this, please delete the duplicate copies (but not the first!) with an explanatory edit summary and don't deploy the troll alert.