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2007-12-10 19:57:31   I think we should change the wording of the troll macro a focuses on negative comments, but in many instances, suspect comments are actually extremely positive, possibly from business owners or staff. Anyone object to a slight rewrite? —RachelBlumenthal

2007-12-10 20:07:48   Good idea. —RottenChester

2007-12-10 20:17:31   I am not sure if I would suggest a rewrite or an additional message. I would suggest one message specifically for situations like the Salad Etc./Northfield/Black and Blue/Boulder Coffee situations.

Something along the lines of:
"Some comments on this page have been determined to be suspicious in nature by members of the RocWiki community. This situation is being investigated and may or may not result in deletion of some comments on this page."

This would be a "business shill" macro I guess. Is this a slippery slope? Are we opening to the door to a host of other macros? What if someone wants a "I don't like what was written about me" macro or a "I think someone is lying on this page" macro? —BadFish

2007-12-10 20:30:27   Hmmm...I do like the idea of separate macros for trolls/vandals vs. business shill, but you're right about the slippery slope possibility. This one seems reasonable, but maybe in the future we can draw the line if people start feeling the need to add ridiculous ones. —RachelBlumenthal

2007-12-10 20:41:15   I think almost all "trolling" I can remember has fallen under those two situations. Your thoughts on that statement?

In my opinion, I don't think Trolling is the best term to use in a top of the the page message as I think it is pretty unknown outside of the wiki community and geek culture. Don't misunderstand, it is appropriate in meaning, I think a more common term should be used for sake of widespread understanding. —BadFish

2007-12-10 20:42:36   True...a few days ago I was telling some of my lesser-into-computers friends about the trolls on rocwiki, and they looked at me like I was crazy :) —RachelBlumenthal