Unity Hospital

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1555 Long Pond Road, Rochester NY 14626 [Directions]
585 723 7000

Unity Hospital (formerly known as Park Ridge) is a 351-bed hospital located in Greece. It is owned and operated by Unity Health System.

[WWW]Unity Chemical Dependency is a well known component of the Hospital Campus that serves as an Alcohol and Substance Abuse Treatment center. They have both Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment programs as well as Long-Term Residences for both men and women.

In 2006 Unity Hospital unveiled a massive addition to their [WWW]Emergency Center which contain 30 private treatment rooms and 28 additional treatment spaces.


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2007-05-18 10:14:42   It should be noted that they keep some of their services in the city on Genesee Street on the St. Mary's Campus, as they call it, in one of Rochester's poorer neighborhoods. They tend to keep the services that would mar the image of a well-to-do hospital there, such as all their mental health inpatient services, and their brain injury rehabilitation unit. One wouldn't want to see those type of people in an affluent hospital. It should also be noted that because the area is stigmatized by crime, the staff they get there is not often of the best quality. —JoannaLicata

2007-05-18 10:14:59   However, if you are looking into the brain injury rehabilitation unit for a loved one, I will recommend it hands down, because there are some, who aside from the reputation from the neighborhood, are dedicated to what they do, and work there anyways. It should be noted that other hospitals in upstate NY, including others in Rochester, like Strong, do not have brain injury rehabilitation services. —JoannaLicata

2007-05-18 10:15:17   This is a subject I have very strong feelings about and am interested in, and would be willing to do a page on the wiki for St. Mary's history and what it is today because it was a historical hospital before bought by Unity in 1989, I think. I will keep my personal opinions in the comments section, of course. —JoannaLicata

2007-05-29 20:23:05   The new emergency center is very good, possibly the best in the Roch area because it was built for the needs of today, so it doesn't seem to get crowded or have excessive waits. Disclaimer: I was an employee but my exp was after my employment there and is unbiased. —TravisOwens

2008-03-07 13:50:00   I was on their maternity ward twice. Once for surgery and once for an emergency c-section. The first time I was there in Feb. 2006, the nursing care was uneven. One nurse, my night nurse, was wonderful and took great care of me. I was in a lot of pain and had a lot of nausea as a result of the anesthesia. 2 other nurses left me crying for pain meds, despite the fact that I was due for them and also left me throwing up, not getting me the anti-nausea meds that were written in my chart. For my emergency c-section, it was a world of difference. I will tell anyone who will listen how WONDERFUL my care was. The ob (not my regular), the anesthesiologist, the nurses, they all truly understand what patient care is all about. My experience at Strong was the polar opposite. Strong had great technology but couldn't give two hoots about their patients. I am grateful to Unity Hospital. I would go back in a heart beat. —LauraKuhn

2008-07-05 18:38:12   I recently underwent outpatient surgery at Unity Parkridge Hospital. I have to give them A++ for customer satisfaction. During the pre-operative screening appointment and the day of surgery, EVERYONE was pleasant, helpful and seeking opportunities to serve. The hospital must have taken a few pages from Wegmans employee handbook. The hospital was also very clean. What a marked difference from my encounters with segments of Strong and Rochester General Hospitals. PLUS FREE PARKING !!! —BradMandell