University of Rochester/Fraternity Quad

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Fraternity Road, Rochester NY, 14627 [Directions]

The "Frat Quad" is where socialites at the University of Rochester go to find a good time. Although the university and campus security try to keep the partying down to a minimum, hard-core "partiers" at the college don't let that get in the way. Currently, the quad houses Delta Upsilon, Sigma Chi, Sigma Alpha Mu, Psi Upsilon, Alpha Delta Phi, and Delta Kappa Epsilon. Drama House is also located on the quad. All of these fraternities are acknowledged by the University of Rochester and the [WWW]Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs. A full list of the UR fraternities (and sororities), including chapters not located on the Fraternity Quad, can be found at the Greek Life page.


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