University of Rochester/Squash


The Squash team at the University of Rochester is the school's one and only Division 1 (D1) sports team. While under the rules/regulations of the NCAA, the Yellowjackets are a part of the College Squash Association (CSA). Under the coaching of Martin Heath since 2006, a former world no.4 squash professional from Scotland, the Yellowjackets burst into the top 15 in the CSA rankings and by March 2007 reached an all-time high ranking of 7.

While originally being known for their strong top four players, in the current 2008/09 season the Yellowjackets have added new strength to their line-up with 3 new recruits: two of which were on the 2008 U.S. Junior World Team and another who is the no.1 player from the British Virgin Islands. With the new recruits added to the already strong line-up, the Rochester Yellowjackets have earned a pre-season ranking of 5.

The team is known for it's international diversity. With players from over 9 different countries, everyone brings a different aspect of the game to the table, which in turn helps everyone improve.

The 2008/2009 roster as of November 2008:

1. Capt. Jim Bristow '10 (England)
2. Capt. Hameed Ahmed '11 (Finland)
3. Fred Reid '12 (Canada)
4. Matt Domenick '12 (USA)
5. Will Newnham '11 (England)
6. Joe Chapman '12 (British Virgin Islands)
7. Adam Perkiomaki '12 (USA)
8. Yohay Wakabayashi '10 (Japan)
9. Edwin Goncharuk '11 (USA, Ukraine)
10. Robert McDavid '11 (Guyana)
11. Alexander Lee '10 (USA, England)
12. Ori Goldman '09 (USA, Israel)

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