University of Rochester/Women's Caucus


Women's Caucus is an SA-funded group at the University of Rochester.

Rochester is a historically feminist area; it is the birthplace of [WWW]Susan B Anthony and not far from where the Seneca Falls Convention was held.

The University of Rochester Women's Caucus serves to unite the feminist students at the university and work through the university and the community to promote and educate about feminist issues. The group meets Monday nights at 9pm in the Ruth Merrill Center in the base of [WWW]Wilson Commons on the UR River Campus. Each meeting has a topic which is presented using speakers, demonstrations, and open discussions. Women's Caucus also sponsors events to promote their same goals. VOX is a sub-committee of Women's Caucus which focuses on sexual health, information, and awareness.

Mission Statement:
"The University of Rochester’s Women’s Caucus exists because its members share a common concern for the debilitating effects that sexism has on their own lives and on the lives of all people both inside and outside the campus community. This concern is nurtured and channeled into corrective action through the caucus organization. The caucus organization shall promote the interests of women at the University, and shall prepare programs for the edification of the University community on topics concerning women. Topics include, but are not limited to: domestic violence, reproductive rights, women's history, women's/human rights, sexual harassment and assault, lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgendered issues, sexual politics, women's/sexual health, discrimination in employment and politics, and the connections between gender and race/class inequalities." (quoted from [WWW]Women's Caucus on Campus Club Connection)

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