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2014-10-26 21:21:02   The description said this is only one of 2 bookstores in the city where you can buy new books and had a footnote that the other one was Mood Makers. But then the description mentioned the bookstore at Eastman School of music, so the description itself mentions 3. Colgate has a bookstore, there's also the Good Book Store, Greenwood Books, and Urban Voice. New books can be purchased in dozens of other places, but those places are usually stores which have a selection of things, including new books (like Wegmans) or special interest stores which have lots of things around a topic, including books. So you can buy new books there, they certainly aren't bookstores. —badfish

2014-10-27 09:02:18   Greenwood Books is a second-hand bookstore and I don't know if Urban Voice is still open? The ESM bookstore I think only sells textbooks. Wegmans is a supermarket with a small selection of current bestsellers. I'm referring specifically to bookstores, not other stores that happen to offer a few books. —EileenF