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2016-05-23 15:56:45   How often are the edit counts refreshed? —alexandergartley

2020-10-23 23:57:22   I think it's interesting to look at the rankings. But I wish the rank could consider the length of time since the last edit, something like "number of edits" minus "the number of days since last edit". Most people would go negative, but if an edit is made, the rank would immediately go positive. It's great that EllenF made such a huge contribution, but as of 10/23/2020, she has made no edits since 2017. To answer Alexander's question, my observation is the edit count is refreshed immediately. —GaryGocek

2020-10-24 08:46:35   Better, IMO, would be to add an additional column for depreciation-adjusted edits, on which one could choose to sort. —markjackson