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My pet
Himalayan cat Claude


I was born in Rochester but moved away (like so many of my generation) to California for college and have since been back off and on. Now I am here permanently. (yeah Lake Effect Snow!)

Area of abode: one of those side streets off Mt. Hope near Strong and the UR. Most if not all of my neighbors and childhood friends' parents were involved with the UR. I was born and raised in this neighborhood on the edge of the City. We called the canal the Barge canal and played on the land that is now I-390 and before the towpath was paved. I went to #49 school, the building that is now Lattimore Surgery Center, part of the UR Medical Center. Then I went to Interim Jr. High in Cornhill in the late 1970s when it was a brand-new building in the still-rundown Third Ward / Cornhill area. Interim was on the top 2 floors of School #3. We had gym class on the field across from the school where the townhouses sit and there was a clear view of the river. High School I went to Harley so I had a taste of public schools and a very good private school.

Rochester is a great place! Please don't ruin it with overzealous development which will make traffic congestion even more of a nightmare!!! Also negativity can really bring you down.

Known hobbies: Hiking, Bicycling, Star Wars fixation.

6 JUNE 08: Am now doing so much in my garden / yard. There is so much to do and it is great fun. If only I can keep the squirrels out of my containers!!


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