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Birth name Christine Doersam
Aliases Christine D Norris
Birth date September 10, 1961 Birth place Houston TX
Date of death Place of death
Known for My fabulous children and wonderful paintings
Occupation(s) Mom/artist
Website## {[WWW]}

I was born during a hurricane in Houston TX. My father was a photographer for newspapers so we moved around a lot...not an army brat but a newspaper brat. We ended up in Webster where I finished High School at R.L.Thomas {[WWW]}. I continued my tradition of moving around a lot and attended many different colleges and learning establishments. In 1985 I married John. In 1991 Alexander was born and in 1997 Jack was born. My life as a parent has filled my time, especially since they reached school age. I am a firm believer in parental involvement in education. We need to back our teachers up at home. We should raise our children; not expect someone else to do it for us.