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2007-06-18 21:34:20   Welcome to RocWiki, Dan! Please let us know if we can answer any questions! —PeteB

2007-09-12 17:10:27   Hi Dan, judging from your info page you consider yourself a food/wine critic, I should thank you for gracing us with your presence but I think a rebuttle is in order concerning your comments regarding the Sanibel Cottage food and wine. Since your visit we have improved the technique of schucking our oysters and rarely get any complaints. Also - we have incorporated larger wine glasses giving our customers a nice glass of wine at a reasonable price. I urge you to try our establishment again keeping in mind we are not a five star restaurant, we are a family style restaurant that trys our best to give people good food at a good price in a friendly laid-back atmosphere. We are open to suggestions and want to hear your feedback at the time of service, not afterwards and not giving us a chance to make it right. Thanks again. —TheresaGerstner