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I'm Dan Apfel, member of the EcoHouse and a variety of other groups. I work at an ever-growing variety of jobs (4 at the moment) and am looking for more (or something full time.) I'm interested in the outdoors and working on projects, like hopefully building a pottery wheel in the near future.

I now live in New York City and am the director of a non-profit that works with college students to change how colleges and universities to invest their endowments in more socially and environmentally responsible ways. While I was in Rochester I lived at EcoHouse and at AntHill, and, after graduating the University of Rochester worked at the now-defunct Rich Port Pastries, Sector 4 CDC, and doing other odd jobs.

I miss Rochester and occasionally make it back.

Some interests include:


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2006-02-20 18:19:28   hey, you're from sharon, aren't you? —RachelBlumenthal

2006-07-19 20:33:31   We love EcoDan! —JoannaLicata