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2008-09-17 09:46:20   Hi, you have hereby ADOPTED your original David Gottfried, which is not otherwise linked to (;>}.

You might consider making a Javelin Group page and linking that page to your bio page and then link the Javelin Group page from the small business resources or other such page.

2009-01-26 18:43:25   David-did you speak to the Manager about your experience at Hicks and McCarthy's??? If not I would encourage you to contact them and talk to the Manager. —PeteB

2016-01-12 21:51:46   In reference to michaelg's comment.... Please give hicks and mccarthy another chance! 2/24 was days before ownership of the restaurant changed hands. Before the new owners took over, an overwhelming amount of equipment was allowed to fall into disrepair. The new owners (who are quite pleasant people) have done much to revamp the physical and functional aspects of the restaurant. There is a new menu, and a new look out front. In the interest of being forthright, I am a former employee of this establishment. —AaronP