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2008-03-18 21:09:13   Welcome to RocWiki, Dennis! Please let us know if we can answer any questions. —PeteB

2008-04-06 20:32:38   Given that the establishments you write so negatively about are usually quite busy and successful, one might assume that you have an agenda. Buffalo Wild Wings is doing very well and expanding into new markets. You definitely cross the line. May you find some semblance of peace and happiness in your life one day. Until then, perhaps you can find some time in your precious day to write a few positive comments about somewhere that you must have surely come across in Rochester at one time or another. This website is designed to inform, not defame. But of course there are always those that must ruin it for everyone else, that is what makes our country so great. —RochesterNative

2010-07-30 15:28:37   Dennis your comments on Dollop Gourmet Cupcake Creations have been brought to the attention of the Admins and the Wiki community in general. Your comments are sexist (relatively minor) but still sexist and sexist/racist/abusive comments of ANY kind are generally not tolerated on the Wiki. Also to be honest, it totally takes away from the entire point you may be trying to make. Please consider redacting that portion of the comment. Thx —PeteB

2010-08-05 23:57:53   ADMIN NOTE: Dennis-we've had further complaints about the contents of your comment. Since you haven't responded to our inquiries I am removing the comment from the dollup page and putting it here:

2010-07-29 02:40:09   I have been hearing about Cupcake Dreamery and now Dollop for the past year and I honestly don't get this business concept. I am very impressed by the determination of this lady, Heather, however, i just don't understand how she is going to make any money out of selling cupcakes. OK, we all know that she is cute and all but i think she is just trying too much in pushing her cupcake idea to the population. I mean, i can see this business being successful in large metropolitan cities like NY where people pay tons of money for little stuff, but here in Rochester? I just don't buy the idea that someone is going to pay almost $2.50 a piece for a small cupcake with fancy looking frosting. I think she is taking a wrong approach, i know she has ambition to be successful but i would recommend her to actually opening a pastry shop (preferably in a mall start as a kiosk) and specialize in other goods besides cupcakes. She is very good at branding her business and getting the word out, but as the idea itself i just don't see it being successful as it is. She even admitted that the reason why her cupcakes are pricey because of the work that goes into it, but in my view she is not buying her ingredients at a low price because if she did prices will be much much lower. I didn't wanted to come out as negative and apologize if i offended anyone, i admire Heather's ambition and wish her the best and do hope that she will take her ambition in venturing out in areas of business beyond cupcakes. —DennisPtak —PeteB