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Eric Larsson lives in the Upper Monroe Avenue Neighborhood and races bicycles with the [WWW]GVCC

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2006-08-24 19:48:26   Eric, a couple of pointers if you want them. When you go to make a new page, try using a template, instead of the generic "Create this page". That will give you some good layout to start with.

Image format is:   [[Image(image_name.jpg, thumbnail, noborder, left/right, "Caption, allows ["Wiki links"] ")]]

I personally like 'thumbnail' (makes the image approx 300,300 or so) and 'left'. Of course, add a caption with photo credits too! It's 'good pratice' to use the existing Business Template (or such) when making a page.

Address Format is [[Address("Number Street, City State, ZIP")]].

If you do it right, a 'map' icon will show up on the page title-bar after you save. Click on it to open a in-page google map of the location!

Your entry on School Number 1 might be a good place to 'update' to test out a couple of scripts for better page-making. Let me know (by a comment on my user page) if you have any questios or anything.

2008-01-17 16:08:55   Eric, nope never drove an ambulance before =) —JoeLee

2008-06-18 19:21:00   Was the Rename button not available when you went to edit the Westside Farmers' Market? It's kind of a big deal if that functionality is broken. —DaveMahon

2008-06-18 19:35:31   I didn't see the rename button and when I tried to use edit it said that function was not permitted. —EricLarsson

2008-06-19 10:09:46   Okay. I'll see if I can reproduce the problem with my restricted account this evening. Hmmm... —DaveMahon