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Short Bio

I was born and raised in [WWW]New Hampshire. I went to my first 4 years of college at Plymouth State College (now [WWW]Plymouth State University) in Plymouth, NH. I met my future husband, John, there. After not graduating and working for 3 years as a cook on campus I decided to go back to school. I went to [WWW]Cazenovia College in Cazenovia, NY (outside of Syracuse) where I majored in Equine Business Management. While I was in Caz my soon to be husband was in Michigan getting his masters. Once I graduated from Caz, I moved to [WWW]Kalamazoo, MI to be with my husband. We both hated Michigan (flat, bare, RUDE people) We lived there until 2001 when we moved here to the great city of Rochester. We both LOVE Rochester! We came to Rochester so John could get his PhD in English at UofR.

Non-humans living with us

We currently have 2 cats: Dukie who we have had since Plymouth, NH and Jeffery who we adopted from Lollypop a couple years ago. We also have 1 dog, [WWW]Merlyn. Merlyn is an australian cattle dog cross and would love to have a puppy play date with any other dog out there!


We have one beautiful daughter, Rebekah. She was born 26 Feb 2007 and placed in our arms 27 Feb 2007 (aka she joined our life by adoption). She is an amazing baby! Check her out at my [WWW]blog!


We bought a great house in the 19th Ward off of Gen. Park Blvd. We love it, but it is still a work in progress to get things looking the way we (I?) would like!


I work at Grossman's Country Nursery in Penfield. I am the manager of the hardgoods department (fertilizers, bagged goods, chemicals, our growing organic lines).


My Blog

[WWW]Confessions of a Horriable Speller


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