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A life-long Rochester resident, I have seen better days in this city. Things were much better here in the 60s and 70s, back when things like hard work and perseverance were rewarded. Now everyone wants to have everything handed to them. This entitlement mentality has bred a devaluing of all that is good, and a destructive mentality in the current crop of city residents.

I like the finer things, but find that you don't have to frequent trendy, hip places to get quality. The typical hot spots are overrated, and the hype is misplaced. Most of the quality in this city can be found off the beaten path.

I won't go somewhere just because it's cool or hip. You have to prove yourself to me. And a bad experience does wonders to keep me from coming back. Some of my reviews are harsh, but I am honest about my experiences. Almost 50 years in this city has given me a good understanding of what we are capable of. Lately, Rochester hasn't been living up to standards, but there are a few bright spots.