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On September 22nd, Phillip Dampier and I met with some of people behind ROCwiki to see if there was interest in collaboration with the Rochester Free-Net. One of the ways we discussed working together was taking the list of the not-for-profit sites hosted by the Genesee Gateway and using ROCwiki to form an index to those sites. This benefits GGW because GGW has never had a decent index of the sites they host, and it benefits the ROCwiki by providing more content about local organizations. But most importantly, it provides those organizations and the communities they serve a way to find each other.

So to help bootstrap this effort, I've culled the following lists of domain names that are (or were) hosted on GGW. Over time, each of these sites should have a page on ROCwiki describing them, and one or more pages to index them by category or class. I've put some specific suggestions for the format and process that might be used, but they are only suggestions.

NOTE: While the vast majority of web sites hosted by GGW are for local organizations, there are a few organizations that are state-wide or national organizations. GGW allows hosting these sites when there is local membership in the organization. For such sites, there is no need to create a page on ROCwiki to point to the organization. Only a link to the site under one of the category pages on Genesee Gateway should be made.

Group 1: Hosted On GGW

The following list has 457 items in it. These are sites that we know currently exist on GGW's three servers. This doesn't necessarily mean the organization is actively updating the site.

Group 2: Not Necessarily Hosted by GGW

The following list has 91 items in it. These are domains which at one time were in GGW's client database, but which are currently showing up at IP addresses not on our servers (or at least not in the addresses we typically use). To ROCwiki, this distinction is probably irrelevant— these domains still represent not-for-profit organizations. They are separated out here in case a distinction may wish to be made.