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I look at this site a lot.
But now I see that the "admins" are cowards and will remove any negative comments about businesses when the owner gets vocal enough, so I probably won't be looking here for honest equal viewpoints anymore.

Tut tut.


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2007-10-18 20:39:48   Welcome to RocWiki, Lance! Let us know if you have any questions. Do you remember a Suzette McMaster from your graduation year? That's my wife —PeteB

2007-12-07 10:29:58   It wasn't deleted, it was move to talk. —BadFish

2008-01-03 17:36:24   Lance—I apologize. You've been here for so long already that I thought you were on the list. Apologies for the oversight —PeteB

2008-01-27 09:39:02   If you go to the edit screen for the page, you can just manually delete the date, horizontal line, and other stuff that appears between each comment :) —RachelBlumenthal

2008-01-27 20:29:32   I think that Shamrock Jack's is a very strange place with very strange people running it. My friend & I got stopped by the owner outside another restaurant and he recruited us to work as waitresses there before the place opened. We went in for training, bought the required outfits and then he NEVER called us again. We never got paid to train or anything. Everytime we called no one picked up the phone or he wasn't there. I was not impressed by how things were getting started and I've avoided it even though it's in such a nice location.

I'd be willing to bet the rude guy you talked to was the guy that hired us! He seemed a bit hot-headed. —SaraChristine

2008-07-10 15:52:28   Thanks Lance. Again its an underhanded way for people to discuss pages without ever consulting me. I have never had so many problems on a Wiki page. —InstantCallBlast

2008-07-11 10:34:45   The recent mess with AntMore and CallBlast is further proof of how unprofessional and adolescent the "staff" of this site are when dealing with users that dont fully understand the point of this wiki. While I think both sides were a little petty and childish with the name calling, it was the staff's choice to insult/berate the type of business it was and gather personal information about the owner. A more polite/professional reaction to his page would have been to suggest callblast make corrections and explain why they are needed, or work patiently to resolve his misunderstandings and build a more stable page for his company. Unfortunately, they heavy-handed their reactions to his confusion/frustration at public editing and then added even more insult to injury by banning him and then defacing his business page. This isn't a community site, it's a playground for a few staffers to incite drama and bend the rules to apply how they deem fit. —LanceReed

2008-07-11 11:22:54   The tactics that editors here use were honed over many experiences dealing with people such as InstantCallBlast. We're all very impressed that you were able to spend 5 minutes here, and in that time tell everyone how to better run our wiki. The things you suggest are simply inefficient, and are not needed in the context of the wiki. This presumption that people insulted InstantCallBlast is ridiculous. Furthermore, the accusation that we are "unprofessional" is also ridiculous. Of course we are.....Nobody here is a professional. We're hobbyists who enjoy spending some time on this wiki. In that context, your righteous indignation is severely misplaced.
In conclusion, I liked you much better when you stormed off in your original fit of umbrage and vowed to leave this community alone. —EastSideStephen

2008-07-11 11:38:29   A perfect example of the unprofessional attitude I mentioned above. Your actions and namecalling are insulting to the work you are trying to preserve/create. —LanceReed

2008-07-11 11:39:55   So EastSideStephen, MariahSweet did not insult InstantCallBlast by changing his company's page image to an Ant? "We're all very impressed that you were able to spend 5 minutes here, and in that time tell everyone how to better run our wiki." Clearly Lance has been here since 2007, quite a bit longer than 5 minutes. Of course your superior tone in your response to him just further makes his point in my opinion. —KimBee

2008-07-11 11:54:51   KimBee, I agree with you - mostly. Some people did act in an inappropriate manner. No harm was done by identifying Anthony because he identified himself in the press release that he copied verbatim to the wiki. A simple search on Google, the act that brought him so much angst to begin with, returned the information posted, no social engineering or spying required. It's also appropriate to remove excessive linking and irrelevant information.

Mariah defaced his page and that change did not stay long. As this is an anomaly in her edit history, no other action has been taken against her at this time. I also think that some people overedited his page; it's appropriate to identify the owner and his relationship to Rochester, particularly as that is meaningful in the context of the wiki.

However, it's inappropriate to assume that nobody can edit the page of a business but the business owner, particularly as we indicate in several places that spamming is not allowed, being jerkish and confrontational is unacceptable, and that anyone can edit almost anything. If Mr. Morelle (or anyone else) wants a page or site that they and they alone can edit, I encourage them to launch their own website.

(and just so people can find this in the future, I will be cross-posting it on Antmore Technologies/Talk.) —DaveMahon

2008-07-11 12:33:40   Lance - Please show me one instance of namecalling in my above paragraph.

Kim - Lance joined in October of '07 and left in a huff in April of '08. Please familiarize yourself with this term: [WWW]

2008-07-11 12:38:51   regarding Mariah's "ant edit":

I actually thought it was funny. She did it at a point when the page was in a state of constant bickering, well after all the chaos and inappropriateness. It was a funny little insertion, intended for the benefit of those editing the page. I had a good chuckle.

I remember when I first joined this wiki people used to use a bit of snarkiness all the time. This was probably before the wiki had grown so big that we had to deal with many situations such as this. I am sure that Mariah also remembers this time, as she has been a contributor much longer than I.

If we can't seperate people with actual negative intent (CallBlast), from people who have a little bit of good-natured fun (Mariah), then the wiki is surely sliding downward. —EastSideStephen

2008-07-11 12:50:00   "Good natured fun" at other peoples expense is ok then? I'm sure you would have thought it was hilarious if it was a page that was related to a business that you own. Thanks for the link about hyperbole, gee how could I have gone through so many years of my life without knowing what that meant? *groan* And who cares what state the page was in when she made that edit, the fact is it was childish and uncalled for and only served to piss off InstantCallBlast even more. When all that junk happened with Michelina's I'm sure that if the offending poster in that fight had changed the Michelina's logo to a roach or something as stated in her negative comments, she would have been reprimanded and banned. Just because someone has been a member longer than others does not make them any better, or above other contributors.

2008-07-11 12:51:40   No thanks Stephen. Instead of perpetuating the drama you people seem to nourish yourselves with I'd rather state my point and move on. —LanceReed

2008-07-11 12:52:59   I have copied the relevant comments to Antmore Technologies/Talk. Can we centralize the discussion there please? —JaySweet

2008-07-16 01:38:29   Lance, thank you for your support. My time may be limited under this screen name so I wanted to tell you that I started my own wiki called Pass that info along to others that feel stifled by this current regime. I certainly won't treat you the way you have been treated. —AnthonyMorelle

2008-11-29 23:43:11   You should probably not spend so much time writing essays, bashing well respected resaurants, giving them a bad name. Just because you worked at a wendys for a couple years as a teenager doesnt make you anything special. Oh, and when the manager at shamrock jacks reffered to you as "you people" he was reffering to the type of people that are just looking for a free meal, and something to complain about, because they have nothing else going for them. You got a bad meal.. so what. it happens. I could go on but unlike you i am not about to spend the next hour of my time spell checking and re-reading an insult that i shouldnt even have written in the first place.

And if you are going to go out to eat just to complain about what you are being served, i suggest taking a trip to wendys where you are gauranteed to get what you payed for. —TaraStevens