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Hey how's it going? Most people call me Bob. I grew up in Webster, spent a couple years in Tucson, Arizona, then moved back to Rochester. When I moved back, I was happy to see some revitalizing of the downtown area, so that's where I've chosen to live! 2007's been an AMAZING year for free live music. It seems like every weekend this summer has been another free show. I produce music and DJ for fun, but I also love to read, ride my bike, shoot photos, and cook! After traveling across the country and acquainting myself with many other cities, it finally dawned on me that Rochester is a great place. Now if we could only be a bit less provisional with our optimism...


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2008-08-04 23:58:46   Hi, Bob.Thank you for your kind and generous words. Yr old English teacher, Nancy —NancyOdonnell

2011-09-10 21:19:43   Bobby ,uncle john bellomo here.drop me a line I would like to here bout your dj experiences ... jbeekeen3@aol.comJohnBellomo