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2008-02-29 15:53:27   Welcome to RocWiki, Scott! Let us know if you have any questions. —PeteB

2009-07-08 08:06:29   I would like to get in touch with the original owner, James Gould. Does anyone have any way to contact him. I'm an old friend of his and have lost touch after he sold the store. —sallymericle

2009-07-22 09:02:56   Sally - I have no further information about where James Gould (of Brownbag Books) ended up - only that he was moving to points warmer after closing out the store. Sorry. —ScottTaylor

2010-05-03 09:20:48   So, if I were looking for a bar with a really good selection of single-malt scotches and whiskys, (preferably at reasonable prices), where would I be looking in Rochester? —ScottTaylor