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I'm a long time Rochester native, born in 79 (makes me 26 currently - almost 27). Been married to my wife for just over two years now and we're going on being together for the last 8 years or so. I spent many years at Wegmans, graduated from Edison Tech and then went down to Tampa FL for college. Graduated from the University of Tampa with my BS in Information Systems back in 01.

I've been at Frontier since the September following my graduation (so i was only job hunting for about 4 months or so). I've just hit my 5 yr anniversary here and currently function as a Level 2 Network Admin for the ISP side of the company (there are a total of four of us dealing with all of the routers in our network throughout the US).

I'm a fan of paintball, computers, outdoors (hunting, fishing, etc), I play a number of sports.

Im not proud, but i do have myspace :) [WWW]