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I'm a 30-year resident of Rochester, since I moved here from Chicago in 1978. I work at a local college, and live in the Browncroft neighborhood. This is my second city home; I lived in the 19th Ward in the 80's, and then moved to Greece when my then-husband started working for the Greece schools. I raised two daughters in Greece (who did wonderfully in the Greece schools) and then moved back to the city when the younger one graduated.

I love Rochester. It's a perfectly-sized city, my kids have done very well in public schools in the Rochester area, the people are friendly, there's theater and music and sports... AND, you can get to where you're going in half an hour, max, unless it's rush hour (which is a real hour) and then it might take 45 minutes. I grew up in Chicago, and every time I go back to visit I remember what it's like to have to drive an hour and a half to get anywhere!