Wellness for Life

2024 West Henrietta Rd, Bldg 6C, Brighton, NY 14623
Please call for an Appointment
224 935 5677

Wellness for Life Center for Massage Therapy is a therapeutic and medical massage for orthopedic conditions. The NYS Licensed Massage Therapist is Austin "Tex" Baddeley, LMT, Member AMTA. Wellness seminars and informational classes are also available along with coaching in Stress Management.


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2014-01-22 15:00:15   Austin Baddely, the supposedly licensed massage therapist behind this place, hides behind a gphone number with an Illinois area code. This is a sign. He does not return phone calls - - - another "sign." Stay away. Thanks me later.

Complaints against this provider may be sent to the following address:          Ethics & Discipline Manager
         1901 S. Meyers Rd., Suite 240
         Oakbrook Terrace, IL


Wellness for life violates NCBTMB Code of Ethics: I. Have a sincere commitment to provide the highest quality of care to those who seek their professional services.

2014-01-23 02:04:14   I have worked w/ Austin previously and never had an issue. He has a non-Roc phone #, that's a "sign"? Sorry gfrieze—not "a sign". People port in out-of-state #'s all the time if they had them for a long time and prefer to keep them. Hopefully your other issues can be worked out with him but the # should not be considered a negative factor at all. —peteb

2014-01-24 19:05:21   JFrieze -

I'm sorry it seems you are having trouble contacting me via my phone number. If you are experiencing difficulties with this, please use the simple email form on my website (www.amtamembers.com/wellnessforlife/contact-me) to contact me with any questions you have. I will respond promptly upon receiving your question.

The 'gphone', or Google Phone number, you refer to allows me to service my patients better by tracking each and every call placed to it, recording the phone number, time, date, length of that call, transcribing any message left which can then be sent to a number of devices to alert me to a message, along with providing the ability to 'txt' to the number, which is especially important to the Deaf/hard of hearing community in Rochester.

Google tools and services are used by many different businesses throughout the Greater Rochester area, and in no way detract from those organizations. Most use them seamlessly without you ever knowing.

I look forward to hearing from you!
Mr. Baddeley, LMT —WellnessForLife