Zipcar is an international car-sharing program that has vehicles available in Rochester, major cities (Ann Arbor, Boston, Chicago, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Chapel Hill, the New York City metro area, Providence, San Francisco, Toronto, and Washington, DC), and many college campuses. When the program was first introduced, only people affiliated with the University of Rochester were permitted to use the cars, but it has since been expanded so any Zipcar member can reserve them. There are currently 11 cars available in Rochester.

Near Kate Gleason Hall at Rochester Institute of Technology are:

On Library Road on the University of Rochester River Campus are:

At Goler House is:

At the medical center are:

In the Chestnut Street parking lot at the Eastman School of Music downtown campus is:

Here's the basic description from [WWW]the Zipcar "How It Works" page

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Some Useful Sites:

[WWW]How a Zipcar Works

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2022-03-01 11:21:46   As of early 2022, all the ZipCars on Library Road, U of R River Campus were gone. There was one left across the river amongst the student housing. 1 March 2022 says all Zipcars in Rochester are gone. —WilliamForrest