davis map



You guys need to get some GIS data for Rochester, open it up in a GIS viewer program, and figure out the coordinates of the regions. Then save the regions as PNGs and then you'll create a simple xml file called map.xml that will tell the map how to act. Since there are no complicated calculations going on in the applet in terms of map projections, it works best on a relatively small area, but anything the size of a city is fine. I suggest using a map in UTM coordinates, not latitude/longitude, and spanning no more than one UTM zone(since it doesn't account for different zones). If you have any questions or require assistance, don't hesitate to email me at <mivanov AT gmail DOT com>.

Here is our current map.xml:

<area name="Davis Area">
        <img src="/map/full.png" width="600" height="440"/>
        <upleft x="6614047.721" y="1978184.417"/>
        <lowright x="6658478.338" y="1945621.744"/>
        <area name="Downtown">
                <img src="/map/downtown.png" width="600" height="440"/>
                <upleft x="6633736.04" y="1961364.137"/>
                <lowright x="6637303.368" y="1958748.89"/>
        <area name="Central Davis">
                <img src="/map/central.png" width="600" height="440"/>
                <upleft x="6627979.631" y="1966506.207"/>
                <lowright x="6636056.627" y="1960593.414"/>
        <area name="North Davis">
                <img src="/map/north.png" width="600" height="440"/>
                <upleft x="6627641.235" y="1971525.089"/>
                <lowright x="6635246.929" y="1965949.272"/>
        <area name="West Davis">
                <img src="/map/west.png" width="600" height="440"/>
                <upleft x="6620475.921" y="1966448.787"/>
                <lowright x="6628143.106" y="1960823.198"/>
        <area name="East Davis">
                <img src="/map/east.png" width="600" height="440"/>
                <upleft x="6635796.294" y="1970728.712"/>
                <lowright x="6649186.174" y="1960923.612"/>
                <area name="Wild Horse">
                <img src="/map/wildhorse.png" width="600" height="440"/>
                <upleft x="6638058.858" y="1971132.433"/>
                <lowright x="6644096.379" y="1966698.865"/>
        <area name="East Davis Detail">
                <img src="/map/eddetail1.png" width="600" height="440"/>
                <upleft x="6635563.608" y="1967150.898"/>
                <lowright x="6643955.18" y="1960998.945"/>
        <area name="East Davis Detail">
                <img src="/map/eddetail2.png" width="600" height="440"/>
                <upleft x="6642977.327" y="1967899.548"/>
                <lowright x="6650229.172" y="1962595.238"/>
        <area name="South Davis">
                <img src="/map/south.png" width="600" height="440"/>
                <upleft x="6636498.59" y="1962761.024"/>
                <lowright x="6649127.473" y="1953513.184"/>
                <area name="South Davis Detail">
                <img src="/map/sddetail1.png" width="600" height="440"/>
                <upleft x="6637605.732" y="1961410.912"/>
                <lowright x="6643825.431" y="1956856.37"/>
        <area name="South Davis Detail">
                <img src="/map/sddetail2.png" width="600" height="440"/>
                <upleft x="6630877.582" y="1960889.659"/>
                <lowright x="6634633.175" y="1958139.525"/>
        <area name="El Macero">
                <img src="/map/elmacero.png" width="600" height="440"/>
                <upleft x="6648545.365" y="1963282.68"/>
                <lowright x="6654850" y="1958652.326"/>
        <area name="Campus">
                <img src="/map/campus.png" width="600" height="440"/>
                <upleft x="6626888.901" y="1961071.068"/>
                <lowright x="6635416.456" y="1954819.425"/>
                <area name="Core Campus">
                <img src="/map/centralcampus.png" width="600" height="440"/>
                <upleft x="6629977.572" y="1960919.313"/>
                <lowright x="6634251.451" y="1957789.649"/>